Wanderlust Wednesday: Yellowstone National Park


I was scrolling through news articles the other day when I came across yet another alarmist article about the Yellowstone supervolcano and how we are all going to die a most horrible death and the entire Earth will descend into a world of darkness where no human or animal life is possible. This supervolcano could go off at any moment, the article warned, so we should all be prepared for our ultimate demise. Yeah, yeah.

Here’s the thing. The Yellowstone supervolcano probably won’t erupt any time even remotely close to our lifetimes, so why worry about it? Even so, if this volcano is supposed to end life as we know it (which it won’t for a large part of the world and even a large part of the country), why spend our time worrying about it?
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The article did, however, get me thinking about how I still haven’t visited Yellowstone National Park. That’s why today’s Wanderlust Wednesday focuses on the majestic and unique beauty of Yellowstone National Park!

Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the United States and is located in the Northwest corner of Wyoming. It also includes small areas of Idaho and Montana. The beauty of Yellowstone National Park includes amazing Rocky Mountain scenery and the largest concentration of hot springs and geysers in the country (due to it being a super volcano, after all).

Yellowstone is also an amazing wildlife preserve where people can see bison, wolves, bears, and many other amazing animals. So today, just sit back and relax. Close your eyes, and imagine yourself exploring the amazing wonderland that is Yellowstone National Park. If You want to go to Egypt use Egypt Visa Online